Friday, June 2, 2017

What I Mean When I Say That My Mind Goes Blank

Hydrocephalus and the ensuing surgeries for it, have left my brain lacking somewhat. The most obvious consequences of those surgeries are the "mindblanks", where I'll be thinking of something (sometimes important) and it will literally disappear from my brain, like deleting a file from a computer (at times in the blink of an eye). Sometimes I'll get it back, but most times I won't. Focusing does not help and will most likely end up with me getting a headache. 

The blanks can happen when I go to sleep (think 50 First Dates. I relate to "Lucy" A LOT or our favorite forgetful fish, Dory from Finding Nemo). But they can also creep up randomly throughout the day. You never really know when your mind will just go "poof".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, please, please... if you ever come across someone with this condition and the ensuing memory issues, don't tell them it's "all made up" or "you remember what you want to" because it really gets to people. We punish ourselves enough, feeling like we're defective as well as sometimes question our sanity to have other people adding to that opinion (either consciously or not).

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