Thursday, March 9, 2017

Writer's Block and Brain Fog

I hate writer's block so much because it seems like it's 10 times worse for me. My mind will go completely blank. Add that to the fog that permeates my thought process and you have a writer's worst nightmare. The fog is a result of my Hydrocephalus, and to my understanding, can't be prevented. Imagine you're in a blank space, surrounded by thick gelatin. Your movements become slow. You can't focus your thoughts. It's horrible.

So... What's a writer to do? 

Notes. Many, many notes. And hope that the ideas that do make it onto your page make sense. 

I also have a couple of friends that I let read my story and ask them constantly if the plot makes sense. 

So far my story is on track, but the doubts still like to creep into my head. 

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